Thursday, 29 January 2015

Reshma (name changed)from Virar was married to a boy in Ahmedabad in the year 2011.  Hers was a love marriage against the wish of her father in law.  After the marriage Reshma started residing in her marital home in Ahmedabad.   Her father in law though never accepted the marriage; however she continued to stay in the marital home.  Soon after her entry in the home she started facing harassment and discrimination in the family.  She was single handedly made to do all the house hold chores.  Moreover she had to cut off all ties with her mother and was not even allowed to communicate with her.  Although her husband was supportive, however he could not challenge his father’s decision of not sending Reshma to her mother’s place.  In the course of time, she delivered a baby girl.  Even then soon after delivery she was forced to do all the household work.

Eventually her father got to know about Sakhya during a community awareness session.    The counsellor had a telephonic conversation with the father in law and made him aware that he was victimizing his daughter in law and should be cautious, lest she file a case of domestic violence against him.   He soon realized his mistake and was also willing to send her to her natal home.  Finally after 3 years of marriage, Reshma was able to visit her natal family accompanied by her husband.