Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Woman – she decides to live free from emotional abuse
Deepti aged 19 years old, married since two years has a 7 months’ old son.  She had been a victim of emotional violence from the start of her marriage.  She reported that her in-laws were harassing her for bringing insufficient dowry and continuously taunting her for the same.  One fine day she decided to leave her marital home along with her son.  After she left the home she was unsure about her future plans, she did not know where to seek help. An ex client of Sakhya directed her to seek help.  With her consent her mother in law and sister in law were called for a joint meeting. At the end of the entire counseling process the mother in law agreed to arrange for a separate accommodation for the couple.  Deepti now lives happily with her husband, free from any emotional abuse and with dignity.